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Holy bananas what are you.


The injured guardian angel looked surprised. Rocking back and forth on his heels, he fell back clumsily, and a chuckle coming from the ‘scarf’ around his neck. “I… I’m an angel.” Forcing a grin was hard. “An angel being devoured by a demon…” Looking to his booted feet which tapped together now as he distracted himself.

Reblogging bc i posted it like at 2 am so

Hey everybody

I just want you to all know I’m okay! Please don’t worry about me, because, I’m doing fine. I miss you all terribly, truely. And I wish I wasn’t grounded so we could all be together again! Please, do not worry. Hopefully I’ll be back by summer break, and practically brand new! I’ve had a few changes to myself, but I’m practically still the same. I will try to be getting on everyday for a small amount of time. Love you all!

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